You Cannot Head to Vacation Without These Summer Essentials

Summer is by far my favorite season. Long days and tanned skin, and light, refreshing meals made of lots of fruits and vegetables from the garden that make my heart sing. The vibrancy furthermore reflects what I feel and the activities I do. The atmosphere appears to be more lighthearted than throughout any other season. I feel like my confidence grows during summer. My energy levels are normally peaking in spring, so by summer, I am normally bikini ready. Thus, my seasonal treat might be something like a new swimsuit or a bikini.

There are obviously endless options to choose from. Find the one that flatters your body type in a color that you love. Then, you also won’t feel guilty for investing a little more. I personally think one-piece swimsuits look fabulous, but I avoid wearing them because they leave the majority of my midsection tan-less.

Summer is also the time when my hair almost always needs to be up. Sometimes I feel like my head’s burning. Therefore, a straw hat and a headband are great options to block some of the heat. Plus, I feel that summer flare is never complete without a headpiece. Hot temperatures just call for our necks to be exposed and feel the sea breeze whenever it swooshes by. My hair gets in the way all the time during summer, especially this year when I opted for a shorter bob. I know that on top of a hair clip, I need a band to keep it in place. The bonus is that either a hat or a headband instantly elevates any look. You moreover don’t need to worry if you haven’t washed your hair in a day or two.

What additionally makes any look scream summer are bare legs and bold prints. During peak temperature weather, I like to opt for a romper or a dress. Not only does it look elegant but is comfortable, too. It’s a win-win, right? Pull it over a swimsuit, and you’re beach-ready. It is also a look that can, with the help of a little jewelry and a dressier pair of shoes, easily transition into a nightly affair. While running errands, you could wear it over a thin pair of leggings and hop prepared into your yoga class.

There’s another thing that you shouldn’t leave your house without, and those are sunnies. They are the ultimate protection for your eyes from the sun. They prevent the eyes from drying and from other environmental effects like wind and dust. By wearing them, you also avoid squinting your eyes and preventing wrinkles to form. We all wish for our skin to look young, right? So eye protection is essential. Plus, the right pair makes any look glamorous.

Are you well equipped and in a hurry to get out the door? Your destination just might be the beach. Don’t forget to grab a beach towel and a mat. I like feeling in touch with nature, but getting a tan while rocks are soaring on my back is just not my perfect scenario. You also wouldn’t want your beach towel to get all messy when you need it to be clean and soft for when you get out of the water. So, you really can’t head to a beach without a mat. It moreover comes handy when you’re attempting to do workouts at home. Even some studios require you to bring your own when you come to class. I, therefore, think that no money is wasted when invested in a good mat. It will come in handy one way or the other. While some might go for towels, the quality that attracts me is that they are normally fuzzier than regular shower towels and cozy to wrap around your body even when you’re not at the beach.

No matter what your whereabouts in the sun look like, don’t forget the sunscreen. There are plenty of lotion or spray types available when natural oils like olive, cacao, and walnut offer low SPF. Dry skin and wrinkles go hand in hand. Skincare is essential even if your skin does not appear to miss anything. You can avoid stressing over wrinkles when you get older.

Are you now ready to sizzle in the sun and rock your summer? Let me know what your top summer essentials are. Before that, also check out our store for the latest styles in getting the bikini body you always wanted. Preparing for it seems more fun when you look the part, too.

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